Upgrade To A Ducted Heating Installation

Ducted Heating InstallationCost-efficiency and performance are the reasons behind ducted heating’s rise and domination of the air conditioning popularity “chart” all around the world. A ducted heating installation not only makes it a sensible choice of heating system, but also in your choice of installer.

Are you thinking about AC Repair on your old clunky heating system or are you thinking about replacing it with a new ducted heating system? Well, we are just the helping hand you need to complete and compliment your home or business premises.

The ins and outs of a ducted heating installation

The disruption experienced, cost as well as the effort put into installing a ducted heating system is immense therefore you need to be making the right decisions to ensure your investment is worthwhile. Having decided to install a ducted heating system allows you to make the first step into a vast world of choosing a system that not only suits your individual needs but also complements the premises. However, there is no need to worry as we shall be with you as you take each step on matters like:

  • Choice of desired features
  • Choice of suitable ducted system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost reduction techniques

The workings of a ducted heating system

A ducted heating system works by drawing outside air in through a fun which is passed through a heat exchanger which is run using natural gas or LPG that warms the air. The heat exchanger is typically installed in the roof space or outside but at times it’s installed under the floor or in internal cabinets. The heat exchanger is connected to a series of ducts or the ducting that runs through the building usually hung in the ceiling which distribute the heated air. The vents or outlets suited anywhere from the floor to the ceiling and walls direct warm air into various rooms.

Why get a ducted heating installation?

  • Free reign on temperature control

The heat output in a ducted system is not dependent on the outside temperature, unlike reverse cycle heating systems.

  • Choice in energy efficiency

Ducted gas systems have different energy efficiency levels usually ranging from 3 to 6 with the number of stars directly correlated to the amount of gas it saves. The 6-star version saves you up to 30% of gas.

  • Silent and concealed

A ducted system operates in complete silence from room to room as the noise making machinery is centrally located in the floors or roof which also maintains the aesthetics of the building inside and out.

  • Zoning

Ducted systems also provide one with a zoning option enabling one to heat the parts of the building that are in use.